Monday, June 16, 2008


Today was a very long day. I decided to accept the job at the law firm. So today I met with Tucker, Casey & Mark and went over our plan. When I returned to the office I gave my two weeks notice. It was bitter sweet. I have worked there for almost nine years, but it's definitely time for a change. The next month is going to be a sweet challenge as I leave my old job at the court and transition into working at the firm. I'm grateful that I have a wonderful husband to support me through this time. I'm also grateful for friends to keep me smiling when some times I just want to cry.

We had a FHE (family home evening) BBQ tonight with the Hegerhorsts' & the Bushmans'
Allen, Chad, Lindsey, Bret
Abbey & Wyatt
I know this picture is a little odd but I kind of like it
Chad & Lindsey
The gang playing a little frisbee football
Things got a little ruff for Bret so he put on a little protection

The frisbee was up on the roof and over in the neighbor's yard a couple of times. One of the reason's I love these guys is because they are so creative with their solutions.
They finally came up with one that worked
Lindsey and Bret
Lindsey, Abbey, Emily & Hayley enjoying the hot tub


Em said...

Reen- Congrats on the new job.You'll succeed at whatever you put your mind to. You're amazing! I think of our little run through the canyon years ago and how you hated it. Now look at you go - triathlons! Going outside of our comfort zone is a good reminder for all of us. It's what helps us grow, right? Best of luck in all the adventures ahead! Love,Em

Mel said...

Hey Noreen! What a cute blog! It is so great to catch up with what you and Allen are up to- you guys are amazing! How fun that you are doing triathlons. You'll have to share some tips, I'm thinking of doing one this Fall. . . maybe :)