Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Tree Hunting 2009

I went Christmas Tree Hunting with the Bushman/Searl Family again this year.
Emily, Shauna, Bret & Abbey

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Elivate Triathlon

Mark (my boss) challenged me to a triathlon last minute yesterday. I haven't been in the water or on a bike for about a half a year, but how could I turn down a challenge.

(he beat me)
(he beat me here too)
I hit a wall and almost backed out on the bike
(I had a better run, but it wasn't good enough)
(we both pushed hard and just had to lay there)
Mark through up after the swim and had two bad cramps in his thighs on the run. I just had an attach on the bike and almost stopped. Mark still beat me by 4min, 10 seconds.

Mark: 1:21:23
8th in the Men's division
9th over all

Noreen: 1:25:33
2nd in the Women's division
11th over all
(and yes....there were more then 2 women in my division)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Polar Express

The Carey Girls, Grandma Carey & most grand kids went on the Polar Express
Nate & Jake looking out the window of the train
Jen read the book Polar Express to everyone while Giggles (Sera) and others followed along
Everyone got a picture with Giggles the elf (Sera)
And of course, everyone had to take a picture with Santa and Mrs. Clause

Jake & Nate in front of the train

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Party

We had a great time at the Gray's Halloween party. Allen and I went as King and Queen. The Bushman's were zombies.
Bret & Shauna, Allen & Noreen
Shauna & Bret, Dallin & Julie, Heather & Curt, Dave & Natalie, Denise & John
There was a lot of dancing and a lot of Allen, popping up unexpectedly.
It would just be easier to say, Noreen & Shauna, Dave, Bret, Natalie, Heather, Allen, Carla, Leslie, Jamie & Melinda.
It was a fun night. The costumes were great. It's always fun to be around good friends.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Hat party

Natalie R. planned a hat party and then got sick and wasn't able to come. Some people forgot hat's but did their best with what they had.
Shauna & Bret, Kim & Bryon, Allen & Noreen, Chad & Lindsey, Shane.
We had a great time carving pumpkins.

The final work of art.
Love ya guys!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Busy day!

We started the day off with a baptism in Heber for Quincey. Then I took Mackenzie (my niece on Allen's side) horse back riding. Then I went to the BYU v. Colorado State football game with my sister and nephew's and friends. Busy, busy!!!

(I'll post pictures later.)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lagoon day with the Morgans

Today Karra, Cam, Jake and I went to Lagoon. Cam and I went on a few of the "scary" rides and then we met up with Jake and Karra. We were able to convince Jake to go on all of the rides. After going on them he decided they were the BEST THINGS EVER!!!

This is my favorite picture of the night: Karra, Camaron & Jake

Monday, September 7, 2009

Guinea Kids

Allen and I took my sister Karra and her kids flying today. They're kind of our guinea kids.
Allen, Karra, Cam, Jake
As we were cruising the airport we stopped to check out the "Smoke Jumper". They were very nice and told us that what they do. When there is a fire in the mountains they fly over the fire and the firefighters jump out with all of their gear and start fighting. Isn't that brave and amazing? After the airport we came home and Allen had the boys mow the law. They did a great job, minus a few misshapes.
Me in my cancer hat. Got to love it! Just two weeks shy of my two year anniversary of my surgery.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Freedom Awards Gala

My Dad and Candy took us to the Freedom Awards Gala.

The award recipients were; Neil Holbrook who served as a "Frogman" now known as Navy Seals during World War II.
Mona Heern, who lived in Iran until her father was executed for practicing their Baha'i religion.
Sargent Merlin German, who while serving in the Marine's in Iraq received burns from a roadside bomb, where he received burns over 97% of his body.
President Boyd K. Packer, who earnestly prayed for the opportunity to follow in his brother's footsteps as a pilot in World War II, promising God that in exchange he would dedicate his life to whatever purpose he might require of him.
(Karra, Noreen, Dad, Marri & Jen)
(Greg & Jen, Marri & Dale, Dad & Candy, Allen & Noreen)
(Da Sistas: Marri, Karra, Jen & Noreen)
I don't know WHERE she get's it from
(Rachael & Jen)
When the sisters get together we get a little silly
(Marri & Rachael v. Jen & Adrienne)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Un-Birthday Party

We got together for an Un-Birthday party for my dad.
(Noreen, Marri, Dad, Karra, Jen & Don)
We almost had to call in the fire marshal with all of those candles on the cake.

(Jen, Karra, Don, Dad, Marri & Noreen)

Pictures for Dad

My dad is turning 70 this year and we couldn't think of anything to get him that he doesn't already have. So, while the kids were all in town we decided to dress up and take some silly pictures and make him a shirt and apron.
When we would go on vacation as kids my dad would make shirts for us so he could tell that we were all there. So we decided to do the same.

1. Don 2. Karra 3. Marri 4. Jen 5. Noreen (Reen)
This is the picture we chose for his shirt.
This is the picture that we put on an apron.
I love my siblings!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Playing at Jen's house

All of my siblings are in town so we went up to Jen's house for BBQ, horseback riding and smores.
Alyssa and I ridding the horse (Sunny)
It got a little rainy so we moved the smores indoors. Dale was nice enough to make them extra messy for us.
(Camaron, Dale & Noreen)