Sunday, June 14, 2009

Un-Birthday Party

We got together for an Un-Birthday party for my dad.
(Noreen, Marri, Dad, Karra, Jen & Don)
We almost had to call in the fire marshal with all of those candles on the cake.

(Jen, Karra, Don, Dad, Marri & Noreen)

Pictures for Dad

My dad is turning 70 this year and we couldn't think of anything to get him that he doesn't already have. So, while the kids were all in town we decided to dress up and take some silly pictures and make him a shirt and apron.
When we would go on vacation as kids my dad would make shirts for us so he could tell that we were all there. So we decided to do the same.

1. Don 2. Karra 3. Marri 4. Jen 5. Noreen (Reen)
This is the picture we chose for his shirt.
This is the picture that we put on an apron.
I love my siblings!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Playing at Jen's house

All of my siblings are in town so we went up to Jen's house for BBQ, horseback riding and smores.
Alyssa and I ridding the horse (Sunny)
It got a little rainy so we moved the smores indoors. Dale was nice enough to make them extra messy for us.
(Camaron, Dale & Noreen)