Monday, June 30, 2008

Good day

Today was a good day. Allen and I celebrated our 125th Monthaversary. We went to lunch together and then had a nice cozy spaghetti dinner at home. Today was also my first day working at Hansen, Wright & Eddy law firm. There's a lot to learn and a lot that I already know. So all in all it was a good day!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time for change

It's my turn to change the look of the blog. If you haven't noticed I like change. In our old apartments I would move the furniture around every couple of months. When we moved into the house (over seven years ago) that stopped. I love our home but because of the layout it's very difficult to rearrange furniture. It could be because we have a piano and it really only works against one wall in the living room (the only wall). Same with our bedroom. Because of the closets and window, I can't move the bed around. Anyway, after changing the time, date & alarms on my new (workout) watch it was time to move on to something bigger. I love the clean cut look but I decided to copy Karra and go with brown tones. Maybe I'll copy Karra again and start organizing something. That will keep me busy. My house (life) is in such disarray right now.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

What a day

Today has been quite the day. Allen and I served in the Mount Timpanogos Temple from 5:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. After the Temple Allen went to work on the yard (mowing, trimming, edging) as I went to the Macbean family reunion. There were a lot of Canadian cousin to hang out with.

After Allen was done doing yard work he went right into working on the truck. He's such a handy man. It amazes me how much he knows about everything. He's such a hard worker.

After I got home from the reunion, Marri and I did a little grocery shopping. A couple of years ago Marri and I were working out together every morning. Now we have to take advantage of any time we can spend together.

While we were shopping we found these cute kitchen towels. I bought them so I could give one of them to Cheryl. She is our "pie" friend. We were making pies once a month but tapered off for a while when we started getting serious about our training. Now that our half Ironman is over we need to start pieing again.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Last day working at the court

Today was my last day working at the court. We had a little BBQ to celebrate.

The Wilde's, Lindsey & Chad, Shauna & Bret (and kids), and Natalie came over

Then the Chorniak's came over along with Mom & Dad Macbean

We had a great time eating and visiting

Thursday, June 26, 2008

4th year adventure "The Quest"

The Hillcrest Stake 4th Year Girls

We went to the Clas (not a typo) Ropes coarse in Provo

These are the girls that were in my car
Left to right: Tori, Me, Marissa, Kim, Megan, Emily & Margaret

When I went on the big swing I tried with all my might to do a flip but I couldn't get all the way over
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Still alive and breathing

My sister (Karra) just called and asked if I was okay. She said she was starting to worry about me because I haven't posted a blog in four days. I'm okay, I'm alive. I have been under the weather ever since I went to the dentist. He did a real job on me. I have been waking up in the middle of the night in pain. I've been laying low, taking medication for the pain and sleeping a lot. I have been working a lot on camp stuff when I'm awake and not at work. It's only three weeks away. I feel like I'm behind schedule. Oh, well. I'll just take one day at a time.
This week is my last week working at the court. Tuesday is very busy with work, visiting teaching, and a camp meeting with the YCL's. I leave Wednesday for a camp out with the fourth year girls. I return Thursday and have another camp meeting that night. Friday is my last day. Allen wants to do a fly in (fly up to Idaho and camp) Friday night, but we work at the Temple Saturday mornings so I don't know if that will work. We also have a Macbean family reunion that is planed for Saturday. That's all the info Allen has given me about the reunion. I think he's hoping I'll forget about it.
I need to go to bed. I'm planning on doing a spin class in the morning and then lifting. I need to get motivated again about workingout again.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


How fun is this? I came home from work today because my face is still hurting. I decided to jump on the computer and check my e-mails and view some bolgs before I took a nap and BAM I noticed that Shauna Bushman tagged me on her blog.

The rules are NO CLEANING/CHEATING. What you see is the real thing. So here we go...

#1 The fridge is empty. I need to go shopping today. Check out how many water bottles I have on the top of my fridge.

#2 The kitchen sink...After our morning workouts the gang comes over and we make smoothies. So that's why there are so many large cups in the sink. The other stuff is just left over dishes from last night.

#3 The toilet...I was so relieved to see that the toilet seat was down when I went into the bathroom.

#4 My bed...Okay, I slept in this morning and woke up a couple of minutes before 8:00 when Natalie and Lindsey came over to make smoothies. I freaked out on how late it was and I ran down stairs and brought up the clothes from the dryer and just thew them on the bed. Excuses, excuses, I know. I'm embarrassed.

#5 My closet...Another mess. But if I have to take a picture of my closet I'm taking one of Allen's too.His closet was mostly closed. He is usually neater then me.

#6 Self portrait...Just remember I woke up just before 8:00. I didn't have time to do my hair or put on make-up. You can kind of see where my eye has bruised up a little. At least the swelling in my face has gone down a little.

#7 Favorite shoes...I love these shoes. I just bought them on sale. SWEET! Otherwise my favorite shoes would be any matching slippers.

#8 What my kids are doing right now...I took a picture of heaven hoping to find them but alas, they no where to be found. They are probably looking down laughing at me for being such a dork.

#9 A place I would love to go on vacation...Right now I would like to hide away in a secret garden. But if I could really go on vacation I would love to maybe visit... Italy? I don't know. I love relaxing in water too so anywhere with a pool big enough to float in is good with me.
Friends I want to do this blog challenge...Cheryl, Don, Mel, Jamie & Anne (Em, hurry up and make a blog and do it too)...Remember NO cleaning before you take the pictures (it is what it is), NO cheating, have fun.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This morning Natalie, Lindsey, Bret & I went to Monika's spin class. Then we met Shane over at the track for sprints. We did 8x100. I was dying by the end. Ya, Emily you know how you said that I hated running up the canyon when we were in high school? Not much has really changed. I'm still a really bad runner and I don't really enjoy it. To tell you the truth I'm not sure why I even do it. Huh, I'll have to give that some thought.

Anyway, I had a dentist appointment today. It's never good when your in the office for more then two hours. I hurt so bad. My cheek is so swollen. I was trying so hard not to smile in this picture. Allen couldn't stop laughing when I smiled. We went and played a little volleyball tonight and one of the girls pointed out that I have a little bruise under my eye. She asked if my husband had been beating me. We all know that is furthest from the truth although I'm sure this is kind of what it would look and feel like.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Today was a very long day. I decided to accept the job at the law firm. So today I met with Tucker, Casey & Mark and went over our plan. When I returned to the office I gave my two weeks notice. It was bitter sweet. I have worked there for almost nine years, but it's definitely time for a change. The next month is going to be a sweet challenge as I leave my old job at the court and transition into working at the firm. I'm grateful that I have a wonderful husband to support me through this time. I'm also grateful for friends to keep me smiling when some times I just want to cry.

We had a FHE (family home evening) BBQ tonight with the Hegerhorsts' & the Bushmans'
Allen, Chad, Lindsey, Bret
Abbey & Wyatt
I know this picture is a little odd but I kind of like it
Chad & Lindsey
The gang playing a little frisbee football
Things got a little ruff for Bret so he put on a little protection

The frisbee was up on the roof and over in the neighbor's yard a couple of times. One of the reason's I love these guys is because they are so creative with their solutions.
They finally came up with one that worked
Lindsey and Bret
Lindsey, Abbey, Emily & Hayley enjoying the hot tub

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lazy day

We had a lazy day today. We decided it was nice enough weather to review our lessons in the back yard. So first we took a blanket out and then we set up the hammock and before we knew it the tent was being set up. After church we went over the the Macbean's for a father day/birthday party. On our way home I had Allen pull over so I could shoot the sun set. I love this time of year.
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Happy Fathers Day

i love you DAD

I'm not the little kid

who used to need you

all the time,

who could barely go a minute

without asking you

to tell me something

or give me something

or help me

with something.

But even if I'm not

that little kid anymore,

deep down inside

I still need you.

happy fathers day

I haven't been very close to my father and have always been jealous of the relationships that my sibling and others have with him. One thing is for sure, I love him. Despite the amount of time we spend together and the distance that is between us, I love him.

I'm grateful for all the men in my life, and the roll they play. My husband, who will be an impeccable father some day, by brother, my father-in-law, my brother-in-laws, and all of my many guy friends. What amazing men, and what great examples of what a father should be. I love you all! Have a wonderful fathers day and thank you for all you do.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Beauty of Saturdays

We slept in this morning and then got right to our chores. Allen got busy mowing the lawn as I did some house work.
For those of you don't know, when we bought our house it came with this riding lawn mower.

After going to the dump and doing some other chores we hit the lake with the Hegerhorts' and the Bushmans'. We couldn't have asked for better weather.
Abbey really wanted to "shoot" some pictures so I handed her the camera and let her have fun. She had some good pictures. I was impressed, for a five year old she's not that bad.
Some of her pictures were out of focus and skiwompus but it adds a certain charm to the pictures.
Shauna & Noreen
Bret & Abbey
Noreen in her new cover-up
Bret in Noreen's new cover-up
Bret & Wyatt wakeborading

Lindsey, Hayley, Emily, Abbey & Shauna

Abbey decided that she wanted to go tubing with Hayley & me but then changed her mind shortly after we started
She's even cute when she cries

Noreen, Wyatt & Hayley
We tubed into the sunset. I love being on the lake at sunset. It's just beautiful. There's something about the way the color of the sky, the mountains, and the water come together in such perfect harmony. Just before this picture was taken the colors were blue, purple, and pink. I could have stayed out there all night.