Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The lake

When I got home from work today, Allen was out working on the boat and he fixed it! So we headed to the lake for a test run. Everything seems to be working just fine. We had a great time cruising the lake and hanging out. This is going to be so nice.
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Allen just told me that the carburetor for the boat came in today. So that means that we get to work on the boat again tonight. I hope this fixes the problem! If so, we might have to take the boat out on the lake later tonight. I'm so excited!

Masters swim class

I went to the "masters swim class" today and I liked it. I jumped in the slow lane and fit right in. I had problems with running into the lane lines but besides that I felt great. The first thing we did was: 150 (meters) as kick on side left, kick on side right, butterfly kick and then rest for 15 seconds. I don't know how many of those we did but this is where I kept running into the lane lines. I thought I knew how to do the butterfly kick but I was wrong. It's not a kick you do from your knees but a kick you do from your core. Then we did 25 (meter) kick, 25 (meter) pull. A bunch of those. I love kicking, especially with fins. I feel like I'm flying. Then we did 50 (meter) race pace, 50 (meter) race pace, 50 (meter) cool down. We did that twice. I enjoyed doing this one because when I want to push myself for short distances I can go semi fast. I also love the feeling of passing people in the water. I'd rather be the fast swimmer in the slow lane, then the slow swimmer in the medium. Some day I'll become the fast swimmer in the medium lane but until then I'm content with where I am. As a cool down we did a 200 (meter) pull. My arms were hurting at the end but it was a good hurt.
I'm glad that I'm getting excited about swimming again. It's been a while.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The boat

Allen and I worked on the boat again tonight
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

All day on the boat

Allen and I spent all day on the boat. What I mean by that is, around 9:00 a.m. we stole Dad Macbean's 1995 Bayliner boat. We spent all day cleaning and working on it. We are trying to get it to work properly so we can keep it at our house and use it for the rest of the summer. With a lake eight minutes away it's turning into a necessity. (JK)
Chad and Lindsey came over a little later (5:00 p.m.) and we had a BBQ and then went shooting (8:00 p.m.) with them and some of the Macbean family (Mom & Dad Macbean, Brian & Aubry, and Taylor). After that (10:00 p.m.) Chad, Lindsey, Allen and I went flying over the valley and watched the fireworks from the sky. It was beautiful.
To end the night (11:30 p.m.) we drove over to the Bushman's where Bret and the kids were sleeping out in the front yard and snuck up on them and steam rolled all of them (a classic move of Bret's). It was funny because we parked the car a couple houses away and army crawled over to the house. We almost made it without being detected but Wyatt spotted us and started asking, "Dad, who are those people?" We counted to three and then attacked. The girls were surprised but Wyatt, with his Indiana Jones instincts, didn't flinch. I felt like a kid again. After we dropped Chad and Lindsey off, (12:00 p.m.) Allen and I decided to hit the hot tub which was turned into a cold tub after Allen stuck the hose in it. What a fun day! Sorry I didn't take any pictures.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reveal yourself!

1. Leave one memory that you and I (or you and Allen) have had together as a comment on this post. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot--just leave a comment about anything you can remember!

2. Next, copy and paste these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

And if you're just a "blog stalker" that I don't know very well, please use this as an excuse to comment and say hello!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Scofield Triathlon 2008

Girls Camp slid show

Girls Camp and Scofield Triathlon

There's so much to say and little time to say it in. As some of you may know, I was called to be the camp director for our ward this year. We spent a wonderful week up at Heber Valley Girls Camp. We had a wonderful time, better then I expected. I'll write more about it later. I promise...
One of my favorite surprises was when Allen flew over our camp and did a wing tip to say hello.
After I got home from Girls Camp on Friday, I packed my bags and we headed to Scofield where we camped and ran in a triathlon. Allen did the Olympic distance and I did the Sprint distance. We both had a good time but our times were not good. Again, I'll tell you more about it later. I promise...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Alissa's Birthday Party

Don and his family are in town from Texas. We had a fun "Thomas" birthday party for Alissa. She got some great gifts.
Don, Alissa and Anna
Jakie and I climbing a tree
Allen and me sporting our "Thomas" the conductor's party hats
Karra & Jake
Anna & me
So far, my diet for the day consists of an apple, 4 donuts, cake and ice-cream. I'm glad I get to attend a nutrition seminar tonight put on by the tri club. I think I need it!


This was the best race of the season by far!
The weather was perfect, and we got to stop every 7 miles and eat as many donuts as we could.
It was a 21 mile bike course with two donut stops. For every donut that we ate and
kept down they took three minutes off our time.

Bret, Noreen, Allen & Kim
Allen was the winner of our group, eating 10 donuts
Bret pounded down 8
Kim ate an impressive 5

I only ate 4, but had a very nice bike ride

Allen and I at the end of the race
Mmmmm donuts!
The winner ate 25 donuts bringing his total time to -3 minutes and 48 seconds
At the end of the race they had a Raffle. Allen, Bret & Kim all won something. I didn't walk away with anything except an extra eight pounds and a belly ache. Just kidding I had a lot of fun and at the end of the race I had a guy come up to me and thank me because he paced himself off me the entire race. I hope that's a good thing.
Allen won a massage
Bret won a bike computer
And Kim/Bryce won a hat, socks, and a bike tool
Bryce was our awesome photographer today
It was a fun race. One that we will have to do again for sure next year.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Busy week

I've got one week until girls camp. It's crunch time! Not only do I have girls camp that I need to get ready for next week but I have a big race this Saturday. Tour de Donut. That's right, it's a 21 mile bike race (3 loops) with two donut stations. For every donut that you can keep down they will take three minutes off your time. Eric did a test to see how long it would take to eat a donut to see if it would be worth it. The average time is about a minute and a half, but one of his co-workers was able to scarf a donut down in 45 seconds. It all depends on what kind of donuts they have and how strong our stomachs are feeling. So far I have Kim and Bret doing the race with me. I'm still working on getting some more support from the Timp Tri Club. Like I said, this week will be busy!

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

This morning Allen and I went to Provo to see the hot air balloons with the Bushman's and the Rassmussen's.

Then we came home and planted our garden. I know we're a little late on that but we have been so busy that this was the first opportunity that we have had.
In box one we have:
A lot of carrotts, tomatoes, Marigolds, basil, thyme, lemon balm, green onions, lettuce, aztec verbana, cucumbers, and broccoli.
In box two we have:
Beets, onions, marigolds, sweet peas, spinach, lettuce, tuberous begonia, tomatoes, aloe, daisies, lavender, jalapeno peppers, and a hibotun cactus
After that I decided that I was going to make a cherry pie with some of the cherries from our tree. I got side tracked and ate every third cherry I picked.

After working on a bunch of camp stuff for a couple of hours we went over to my sisters house (Marri). The kids attacked Allen as soon as we got there. They love playing with him.
Quincy & Allen jumping on the tramp
Nathan and Allen hanging out together
We played a lot of relay games while we were there

BBQ Games

One of the games we played was where the kids had to shave the men. After we won the race it turned into a big shaving cream fight. McKenna even got attacked.
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Smell of Summer

One of the things that has been hard for me this summer is being so white. After having major surgery due to some skin cancer last September, I have been pretty good at keeping myself either out of the sun or slathered in SPF 50. Because of this I have found a new favorite smell of summer...sunscreen. This picture just reminds me that I may never be tan again.
McKenna Olney

Adrianne Olney winning another challenge for the orange team
Allen did everything he could to help our team win
McKenna eating her first of two popicles of the night
Jen's cat (Ute) had kittens. Both Marri and Karra took one or more home. I would have loved to have taken one home but Allen is allergic. Playing with McKenna and the kitten reminded me of when I was her age, carrying cats around by the neck, not understanding what it meant to be gentle with them.