Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Beauty of Saturdays

We slept in this morning and then got right to our chores. Allen got busy mowing the lawn as I did some house work.
For those of you don't know, when we bought our house it came with this riding lawn mower.

After going to the dump and doing some other chores we hit the lake with the Hegerhorts' and the Bushmans'. We couldn't have asked for better weather.
Abbey really wanted to "shoot" some pictures so I handed her the camera and let her have fun. She had some good pictures. I was impressed, for a five year old she's not that bad.
Some of her pictures were out of focus and skiwompus but it adds a certain charm to the pictures.
Shauna & Noreen
Bret & Abbey
Noreen in her new cover-up
Bret in Noreen's new cover-up
Bret & Wyatt wakeborading

Lindsey, Hayley, Emily, Abbey & Shauna

Abbey decided that she wanted to go tubing with Hayley & me but then changed her mind shortly after we started
She's even cute when she cries

Noreen, Wyatt & Hayley
We tubed into the sunset. I love being on the lake at sunset. It's just beautiful. There's something about the way the color of the sky, the mountains, and the water come together in such perfect harmony. Just before this picture was taken the colors were blue, purple, and pink. I could have stayed out there all night.

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