Friday, June 6, 2008

Count down - 1 day to go

This morning the Timp Tri Club did a swim/breakfast at Utah Lake

Allen heading out to swim

Eric and & Allen showing off their two piece wetsuits

Natalie strutting her stuff

Breakfast was served after the swim. We had a great turn out, about 40 people came. We have such a great club.

After cleaning up we (Allen, Lindsey, Kim, Sabrina and I) drove to Idaho for the race. After registering we headed down to the river. We were all a little confused as to which way the river was flowing because the waves were being blown against the current of the river. What's up with us doing races with crappy swims? The water was a bit chilly. Can you tell by the concerned look on my face?
Carri & NoreenAfter checking out the water we had a great carbo load dinner provided by the race.
Left to right: Sabrina, Lindsey & Kim
Then we went to check out the swim start

Sabrina, Perry, Lindsey, Kim, Mat and some lady that happen to be thereCheck out how choppy the water wasKim has a little problem staying on her feet and took out Allen. We couldn't stop laughing. If Allen wasn't there she would have gone right into the water.Perry tried to pull her out as Allen tried to pull her in.Left to right: Noreen, Kim & LindseyThe race is tomorrow. Ready or not!

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