Monday, September 1, 2008

We are so funny

We are so funny!
The Bushman's were out of town over the long weekend and so we decided that we would play a little trick on them. While they were gone we took some cheesy individual and "family" pictures of ourselves. The Bushman's have their four children's school pictures proudly hung in their family room. We replaced their pictures with these.

#1 (lindsey h. - sweet sixteen)
#2 (noreen m. - classic senior photo)
#3 (chad h. - sassy)
#4 (allen m. - deep in thought)
Then we replaced random pictures around the house with these.

(lindsey & chad - engagement pose)
(allen & noreen - what's up doc)
(lindsey & chad - the dip...chad is doing "blue steel")
(back row: chad & allen front row: lindsey & noreen - family photo #1 white button down top and blue jeans)
(chad, lindsey, noreen & allen - family photo #2 the walk away)
(back row: chad & allen front row: lindsey & noreen - family photo #3 lean on me)
We couldn't stop laughing. We don't know how long it will take them to notice all of the different pictures around the house. We love the Bushman's and hope they love us after doing this.


Lassen Family said...

hahaha! That is so funny! I love it, wish I ever thought of things like that to do! :O

Bret Bushman Family said...

I am still laughing, you guys are the best.