Friday, September 26, 2008

Songs for Mel

At the bottom of the blog is a play list for Mel. These are some of the songs that I like to listen to when I run. I couldn't find the edited version of Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne so it's not on there. But I really like that song. I hope this helps. Keep running!


Mel said...

Noreen, you are awesome! Thank you so much for creating the playlist- I love it. The songs are perfect! I wish we could go running together too, but let's be honest- you would kick my trash. :)

Noreen & Allen said...

Oh, Melanie....Do you remember me at all? I wouldn't kick your trash. I think Emily reminded me a while ago that I'm the girl who would complain about running up the canyon and back. Well, um, I've got news for both of you, I'm still that girl. The next time you are in town call me and well do a short run. Or just hang out and eat candy. Either one.