Friday, September 12, 2008

2nd Annual Swim Across Deer Creek

We had our 2nd Annual swim across Deer Creek. We met at Rainbow bay and swam a mile across the reservoir and back making it a round trip of 2 / 2.2 miles. (Depending on who's GPS you are going by)
Because both Allen and I swam, we didn't get any pictures of us in the water, but here is a picture after everyone was done swimming. We had about 65 people there, most of them swam most of the way if not all of the way. We had three kayaks and two boats as support.
(Thanks Moneka and Perry)
After the swim Kim had a WONDERFUL meal for us.
(She is amazing! The food was sooo good)
In this collage we have the food table, Keena (Coach Keena aka best Tri coach ever) striking a pose, Bret waring his 14 year old daughters BAM shirt, and Moneka learning a new I.T. band stretch.
I can't forget to thank Gary (Lord of the swim aka Gary Phelps) and Allen for organizing the swim. The Timp Tri Club rocks!

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