Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back Country Camping - Mineral Canyon UT

Right after work on Friday, Allen and I flew down to Mineral Canyon (down by Moab). Allen has been wanting to take me back county camping for a long time.
This is it. This is Mineral Canyon.
There is a little landing strip right next to the river.

Do you see it?
Saturday morning we noticed sky divers getting closer and closer. There were about 20 of them. They were landing on the run way.
They were so funny. It looked like such a rush.
Maybe some day I'll be as cool as my awesome neighbor (Cheryl) and try it.
We went for a little swim in the Green River.
I took my wetsuit, even though I didn't need it. The water was in the 70's and only got about waist deep.

These are some of the views we had from the sky.
Aren't they cool!
On the way home I shot some pictures of the trees starting to change (I always think of Trix because of Emily J. W. D. M.) I love fall. It's one of my favorite seasons. Especially when it's as warm as it has been.
Here is a little video Allen made of the trip:

Mineral Canyon Airstrip - UT75 from Allen Macbean on Vimeo.


Mel said...

How fun! You guys should fly to Phoenix. . .

Noreen & Allen said...

Allen's Grandmother is in Gilbert. If we go out for Thanksgiving or Christmas we might fly. You are in Gilbert right?

Don said...

Wow, this looks like a lot of fun.