Sunday, September 21, 2008

Skin Cancer Sugery Anniversary

A year ago today (9/21/2007) I had my sugery to remove the skin cancer on my left calf.
This picture was actually taken in October when my soft cast was removed so it had been healing for about a month.
Looking back at it makes me realize how much it has actually healed and how much better it really looks. I'm so concerned about how it looks. I hope it will keep getting less and less noticeable.
We still joke that I really didn't have skin cancer removed but Allen just wanted me monogrammed with an "M" on my leg to let people know that I'm his (a Macbean).


Cheryl said...

Maybe Allen did it to say she's "Mine." Or maybe you're Miss America. Or maybe just Magnificent. Any way you look at it, it's a cool mark. And all your friends are just happy you're healthy -- scar and all!

Lassen Family said...

Don't worry about your scar, I have tons on my face and forehead, I wish mine were "m"s for "Melinda"! :) haha

Gillian said...

Bless you, that reminds me of my little nephew, the first time he ever saw our friend Jon's scarring. Jon had major surgery to his neck in 2006 and it was nearly a year old by the time my little nephew saw it. He was actually standing looking up at Jon, noticed it and we saw his face change and he walked away. I brought him back and he said "I don't like it" Once I had explained it was he was fine and when his daddy came home he said "See Jon's neck dad? That's called a scar, but he is better now" Sadly Jon's melanoma relapsed later that year and he passed away in May this year. Following Jon's death and seeing the struggle he faced, I started doing some fund raising for the Christie Hospital in Manchester and began - One day we will find some answers.