Saturday, September 6, 2008

Deer Creek

Lindsey, Chad, Allen &I went to Deer Creek this morning. We all got to ski/wakeboard on good water. (That's a first this year.) After looking at all the pictures, I realized that I look like a dork when I ski and so I didn't post any of them.Lindsey did an amazing job at both skiing and wakeborading but the most impressive picture of her was of her wreck.
Of course I think Allen's the bomb, so I had to put up nine pictures of him skiing.
I hope to some day look at good as him.
After boating Lindsey and I went to the Women's Expo at UVU, and then we met up with Allen, Chad, Bret and Shauna for dinner and a movie. We saw "The Fly Boys". Bret's step brother is in the movie. He did a great job, it was a good movie.
What a long, fun day.


Cheryl said...

You guys lead one very fun life! There's nothing like some glassy water at Deer Creek for a good day of skiing. I can't wait to see what the next installment brings in the way of adventure!

Don said...

Hope you still have the boat next summer. I'm getting into shape for some fun in the water!