Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spooky House

Tonight a group of friends went to Chloe's Salon in American Fork. We went on a ghost hunt. Here are the highlights:
I had a circuit testing light (we kept calling it the "stick") that I had and a couple of guys had video cameras. We went down in the cellar and started poking around. As we were asking questions I slowly moved the stick around. And then it turned on. No joke. Just for a second and not very bright but it turned on. It was exciting. We didn't get it on tape but it happened to me so I know it happened. Then we moved up to the main floor. One of the guys asked if there was anyone there if they would show us a sign. Right then his camera turned off. The battery was fully charged and had plenty of tape left but it just turned off. Then the another friend with another camera kept rolling as they asked if "they" would touch the stick and make it light up. As we were filming you could see an orb approach me and pause and then come towards the stick and then it disappeared. After that we went up to the attic where there have been sightings of a woman standing in the window. As we were filming we could see what we think were orbs. They kept going between two beams. As we would scan the room the main place that we would see activity was right between these two beams.
Orbs-dust-coincidence...who knows. I had a great time and enjoyed watching the video over an over.
We are heading down to Lake Powell for a Triathlon in the morning. When I get back I'll post the video clip. Then you can decide for yourself what it is we saw.


Cheryl said...

When I was young, my sister Colleen gathered my other sister and I into the bathroom for a seance (sp?). At one point she said, "Give us a sign that you're here." Then she flushed the toilet. Having been in that room when she flushed the toilet, I find myself a tad bit on the skeptical side on this one. Dale, however, has watched the Haunting show on Discovery and he thinks someone else flushed that toilet. Hmmmmmmm.

Dale said...

How did you not wet your pants? Those salons are just scary.

Aubry and Brian Macbean Family said...

That is just too creepy for me.