Saturday, October 4, 2008

Random me


This will be fun. Here we go, seven random things about me.
1. My ring toe on my left foot is broken. I broke it when I was a kid and so whenever I straighten it out it hurts.
2. I've been on a couple of drug busts. It all started when I was 20 and my sister Jen (who worked at the Orem P.D.) asked if I wanted to go around buying beer. That was a lot of fun. Then I went on a couple of drug busts with my old home teacher. I LOVED it. I almost rammed a guy who was trying to evade. Oh, those were the good old days.
3. I hav tearible speling. What can I say, I do! :)
4. I love natural disasters. I get so excited when natural disasters happen. I would love to be part of the red cross. One of the most exciting disasters I was a part of was in 1991 when we had a flood in Hawaii. I loved making sand bags and going around making sure everyone was okay. I get excited when the electricity goes out too.
5. I was baptised in the ocean. My brother Don baptised me at Temple Beach, Laie, Hawaii.
6. I've had plastic surgery. It sounds cooler then it is. It was for the cancer on my leg. I had to go to a plastic surgeon for my surgery.
7. I think it would be cool to be a cop, archaeologist, geologist, teacher, marine biologist, stewardess, nurse, beautician, EFY counselor. I don't know why but all of these things sound like so much fun.

Here is an extra random fact. Whenever I play games in the dark (hide and seek, sardines) I get all nervous and tingly inside. Random, I know.

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Karra said...

Okay, Reen, I'm stupid - how do I copy and paste the rules to my blog?

Cheryl said...

I feel like I know a little more about you today than I did yesterday. How fun!