Friday, October 3, 2008

Marcel Vifian seminar

We had Marcel Vifian, who was a former number one ranked professional triathlete come and give us some tips on how to become better triathletes.
He had us do some of the bike drills on the grass so if we fell over it wouldn't hurt as much.
One of the drills was where we rode our bikes really, really slow without falling over.

Another drill he had us do was what he called the water bottle drill. We had to ride and pick up a watter bottle without stopping or unclipping. I had a hard time with this one and couldn't get it. I'll have to practice it more. What he's trying to teach us here is balance.
He also gave us some new running guidance.
We also did some swimming but we didn't take any pictures.
It was a good seminar. A lot of good review on proper technique.


Cheryl said...

At least you felt you could even try that water bottle thing. I don't think I'd make it!! Way to go.

Deirdre said...

Hey Noreen and Allen,

I had Marcel stay with me in Canada for a couple of years a long time ago for events. I am now living in the USA and if you still communicate with him I would love if you gave him my email address at least. My name is Deirdre Sheahan.