Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lake Powell Trip Day 3 (Race day)

Big race day! (Triathlon)
Allen did the Olympic distance.
Natalie and I did the Sprint distance.
Chad and Lindsey volunteered.
(Lindsey sold her bike a week before the race)
Allen, Natalie, Noreen (18:12)
Allen, Natalie, Noreen (42:56)
Lindsey being cute
Natalie, Noreen (24:49), Allen
Natalie took first in her age group and would have taken first (women) over all (Sprint distance) if she wouldn't have gone the extra mile (literally) on the run.
After the race we went back on the lake.
Here's Natalie going a little crazy.
Chad killed a fish.
He tried to bring it back to life but wasn't successful so they gave it a proper burial.
We found a great slot canyon that we hiked up.
Natalie, Lindsey, Chad, Noreen & Allen.
In some of these slot canyons the boat would get really close to the walls of the canyon and we would act as buffers so the boat wouldn't hit.
Natalie & Noreen

We found a great canyon that the boat couldn't fit up so we blew up the tube and paddled to the end.
Lindsey, Chad, Noreen & Allen
Then the girls (Lindsey, Natalie & Noreen) went tubing. Oh my gosh! It was so much fun. We caught some good air and had some good wrecks.

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