Saturday, October 25, 2008

7 Crazy things about me tag

Lindsey tagged me with a list of 7 crazy things about me. Here we go:
  1. I'm crazy in love with my husband.
  2. I think that if I go outside in the cold with wet hair that I'll get sick.
  3. At meals I usually eat all of one food item before moving onto the next and I don't eat all that's on my plate unless I'm Really hungry. And when I'm done I find myself pushing my plate away from me.
  4. I think it would be cool to be an EMT. (There's something about being there on the scene of an accident. )
  5. I want to do an Ironman some day.
  6. If I spend more than an hour straight cooking a meal, I loose my appetite for it and don't want to eat it. There's something about the smell that gets to me after a while.
  7. I can't STAND it when people pronounce words wrong like Mountain (Moun'n), to (ta), for (fur), ahhhhh the list goes on and on....and it drives me crazy when I catch myself doing it too.

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