Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Through the eyes of Allen

Melinda had this on her blog, but the questions were asked to her daughter. But since I don't have kids I thought I'd ask the questions to Allen and see what kind of answers I'd get. Here it is:

1. What is something Noreen always says to you? "ALLEN, ALLEN DEWEY!"

2. What makes Noreen happy? A clean kitchen
3. What makes Noreen sad? When friends don't show up (flake out)
4 How does Noreen make you laugh? She tickles my middle spot
5. What was Noreen like as a child? Curious (you liked to peel paint and poke stuff)
6. How old is Noreen? That's not fair...30 right?
7. How tall is Noreen? 5'7 or 5'9
8. What is her favorite thing to do? Snuggle
9 What does Noreen do when you're not around? Nothing
10. If Noreen becomes famous, what will it be for? A swim suit model
11. What is Noreen really good at? Everything, especially kissing
12. What is Noreen not very good at? Leaving work at work
13. What does Noreen do for her job? Legal stuff (she plays a lawyer on t.v.)
14. What is Noreen's favorite food? Spaghetti with parmesan cheese
15. What makes you proud of Noreen? She has an amazing work ethic
16. If Noreen were a cartoon character, who would she be? The Little Mermaid
17. What do you and Noreen do together? Bowchickabowwow
18. How are you and Noreen the same? We both think Lindsey's short
19. How are you and Noreen different? I'm low stress, Noreen's high stress
20. How do you know Noreen loves you? Is it the way that she laughs - oh no that's not the way... (he was singing) She shows and tells me every day.
21. What does Noreen like most about you? My sense of humor I guess
22. Where is Noreen's favorite place to go? Hawaii

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Lassen Family said...

Love this! Allen really is super funny! Too cute!