Saturday, August 16, 2008

Starvation Reservoir

I was able to join the Priest's on their camp out this weekend. I wasn't supposed to be there so I'm not in any of the pictures.
Allen M., Makay O., Callin O., (Bishop) Jim P., Matt N., Matt C., Shawn W., David P., Sae T., Scott N.
Allen got there early and got the perfect camp site on Indian point.
They played a little watermelon football until the watermelon cracked open.
(To tell the truth, the game didn't even really start before the watermelon was busted)
The Bishop took the boys on a ride of their lives on the tubes. He was going so fast.
There was only one boy who had ever been wake boarding before. They all did really for it being their first time!

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Lassen Family said...

The picture on the rock is gorgeous! And the collage with the wakeboarding looks way cool, like they're all going out from the center. Does that even make sense?! :) Looks beautiful there, and like they had a blast!