Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Masters swim class

I went to the "masters swim class" today and I liked it. I jumped in the slow lane and fit right in. I had problems with running into the lane lines but besides that I felt great. The first thing we did was: 150 (meters) as kick on side left, kick on side right, butterfly kick and then rest for 15 seconds. I don't know how many of those we did but this is where I kept running into the lane lines. I thought I knew how to do the butterfly kick but I was wrong. It's not a kick you do from your knees but a kick you do from your core. Then we did 25 (meter) kick, 25 (meter) pull. A bunch of those. I love kicking, especially with fins. I feel like I'm flying. Then we did 50 (meter) race pace, 50 (meter) race pace, 50 (meter) cool down. We did that twice. I enjoyed doing this one because when I want to push myself for short distances I can go semi fast. I also love the feeling of passing people in the water. I'd rather be the fast swimmer in the slow lane, then the slow swimmer in the medium. Some day I'll become the fast swimmer in the medium lane but until then I'm content with where I am. As a cool down we did a 200 (meter) pull. My arms were hurting at the end but it was a good hurt.
I'm glad that I'm getting excited about swimming again. It's been a while.

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