Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nat's turn...

I posted a bunch of pictures of Lindsey a couple of days ago, now it's Natalie's turn. I have such great friends. And as much as I love all of them I don't think I can do this for all of them but just to let you know, I love you and am blessed to have you in my life.
11/21/08 (Playing games and hanging out)
11/13/08 (Lindsey's birthday)
8/18/08 (Crazy Nat!)
(Taking first place in her age group)
10/18/08 (Lake Powell Triathlon)
10/17/08 (Lake Powell trip)
9/25/08 (Paint-balling)
9/20/08 (Changing Noreen's flat/riding in a thunder storm)
9/17/08 (Working out at Noreen's)
9/15/08 (Kimono mama)
8/14/08 (Utah Lake)
8/9/08 Utah Half Ironman (taking first in her age group)
7/19/08 Scofield Triathlon (taking first in her age group)
6/6/08 (Club swim at Utah Lake -A little out of focus but still dang cute)

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okay now noreens turn