Monday, December 1, 2008

Pictures of Lindsey (That you can steal)

These pictures are for Lindsey. I noticed that she was taking pictures off my blog so I thought I'd give her some to choose from. Love ya Lindsey! (Nat your next)
11/29/08 (Libbey's wedding)
11/21/08 (Games)
11/13/08 (Big 25)
11/1/08 (Running)

(Lake Powell Triathlon)
10/17/08 (Beaver)
9/25/08 (Paint balling)
9/20/08 (Lindsey burrito)
9/13/08 (Deer Creek)
8/31/08 (Senior Pose)
8/23/2008 (Utah Lake with Amy)
8/18/2008 (Jack Johnson Concert)
6/16/2008 (Lindsey & Bret - I'll show you mine if you show me yours)
6/14/2008 (Bushman's boat - Utah Lake)
6/7/08 (Half Ironman)
6/5/2008 (Taping Brets feet with duct tape)
6/3/2008 (This is why I'm HOT - Utah Lake swim)


Lidnsey Hegerhorst said...

I am swithch my blog address to it has more pic of me in it.

Don said...

OK, I've stolen them. Now what?