Saturday, May 10, 2008

St. George Triathlon May 8-10, 2008


On the drive down to St. George we had to stop in Beaver and take a picture. There are to many jokes that are made coming and going through the Fillmore/Beaver area. Most of which are not appropriate to repeat.
Left to right: Natalie, Lindsey, Noreen, and Kim.


At registration when the poor body marker asked Shane Morris if he could mark his legs, Shane just dropped his pants and lifted his boxers. You should have see the terror on the poor boys face. On the other hand you should have heard the cheers from the ladies. He's so funny!

Doug Gordon got $5 for shaving his head at registration. Did I mention that his wife told him not to do it because they have family pictures in a couple of days. So much for that!

Group swim at Sand Hallow reservoir.

We had a club dinner at a park after our group swim. One thing I love about the club is that we are able to make such great friends.

5-10-2008 RACE DAY

The weather on race day was very windy. We think we had 25-30 MPH winds. The swim was hard but somewhat enjoyable with all of the waves and swells. They had to save 28 people before they finally decided that it would be a good idea to cancel the swim. Fortunately Allen, Lindsey and I had already started our mile swim, so they let us finish. Lindsey had the opportunity to save someone from drowning. She is so amazing!

Allen on the bike.

The 26 mile bike was a tuffy. There is a decent hill that this race is known for. It didn’t help that there was a head wind blowing against us all the way up. It was kind of fun to be ridding down the road with this beautiful red sand blowing all around us. I was a little nervous to ride over the sand with our skinny tires but it wasn’t bad.

Noreen on the run.

The 6 mile run was the worst for me. It’s my weakest event. The wind was still blowing and even though this picture shows that I’m on a road; 98% of the run is in the sand. It got deep at times, it got steep at times. But it was almost always sandy and windy.

It was honestly the hardest race I have ever done. And I've been racing for 4 years now. Even harder then the Xterra. I was so glad it was over.

Left to right: Allen, Noreen, Lindsey, Natalie and Kim.

It has been a tradition to go out for some Cold Stone ice cream after our races. Mmmm Ice cream. Left to right: Noreen, Kim, Natalie, Keena, Clayton, Mike, and Rianna.

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