Thursday, May 8, 2008

Arizona Trip May 2008

May 3, 2008
Allen & Noreen

Group picture: Brian, Aubry & MacKenzie Macbean, Rob, Gina, Michael, Katie, Lexi, Luke & Nick Corbitt, Karen, Jackie, Kyle, Scott & David Corbitt, Stan & Corrine Macbean, Elisa, Glen & Derek Williamson, Allen & Noreen Macbean, Joshua & Jessica Williamson, Grandmother & Joe Miller.

Most of the Corbitt Cousins.

We played many games in the pool. Most of which Allen won.

Aubry, MacKenzie, Brian, Noreen & Allen. Out to lunch at Manuela's.

Noreen & MacKenzie at Granddaddy Corbitt's grave.

We had a great trip to Arizona. While we were there we had a Corbitt family reunion and we also had the opportunity to attend Joshua & Jessica's wedding. It's nice to get together with the Corbitt side of the family.

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Allison said...

Okay, so me and my best friend, maddie, (not my little sister) were just looking at this jazzy stuff you got going and she took one look and was like "SHE IS GORGEOUS!!!" and i just smiled and nodded. Okay, i will admit it, im kinda sad you cant come to my graduation, not because its like a graduation or whatever, I just really wanted to see you! love ya!-Allison