Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today is such a special day it's birthday time for you...

Today is Allen's birthday. So I thought I's spotlight him.

Allen is many things:
He is cute! And Confident!

He loves serving in his callings

He has served with the young men of our ward for many years and is now serving in the young men's stake presidency.

He is a talented athlete

He's latest interest is Triathlons (he is planning on doing an Ironman this year) but he played volleyball in college (and plays once a week with friends), he also enjoys playing basketball, soccer...the list goes on and on.

He is a great uncle!

All of the nieces and nephews love him and always want to be around him
He is funny!
One of the things that first attracted me to Allen is his humor. He always has me laughing.
He loves the outdoors!
Camping, fishing, hunting, skiing, boating....

He is a great cook!
He makes the BEST pie crusts ever! He also like to experiment with cooking.

He is a Pilot
He love flying. He thinks it's one of the best things to be able to do something you love to do and get paid for it at the same time.

He was a great Timp Tri Club president
He was such a great president and always had fun training events planed for us. He's also very friendly and welcoming to everyone.

He loves water skiing!
I know I already kind of said this but he loves it so much it gets to be listed twice. He loves it and is really good at it.

He loves motorcycles
A couple years after we were married he bought a motorcycle that didn't work. He fixed it up and got it working.

He is the a WONDERFUL husband and my best friend
Numerous people have commented to me how they have noticed what a wonderful husband he is. And it's true.
There are many things about Allen that I admire and adore. I love him very very much and hope he has a wonderful birthday!


Don said...

Happy birthday, Allen!

Bret Bushman Family said...

What a tribute to Allen, I love the way you did it and the pictures you chose, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLEN, we love ya.