Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Allen!

We celebrated Allen's Birthday tonight with a couple of friends.
We started off by having breakfast for dinner.
(Allen M, Shauna B, David J, Natalie J)
Then we headed to Cabela's where we were going to split up into five teams and see who could buy the best thing for $10. Once we got there it had just closed. (They now close at 8:00 on the weekends. LAME!)
So we then decided to see who could find the best/worst/funniest movie and then we'd go back and watch it.
Here is Allen explaining the rules to the game.
(Natalie J, David J, Bret B, Chad H, Lindsey H, Natalie R & Allen M)
Here we are picking out movies.
(Natalie J, David J, Shauna B, Bret B, Lindsey H, Chad H, Noreen M, Allen M, Natalie R)
Natalie R's movie came in 1st place (The House Bunny)
Bret's came in 2nd (Mystery Science Theater 3000)
And Allen's came in 3rd (Top Secret!)
We came back to the house, set the projector up, moved some of the misplaced/mismatched furniture around and started our movie marathon.
Happy Birthday Allen!

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Bret Bushman Family said...

That was so much fun, thanks guys, your the best. I hope Allen had a good birthday.
I love your new background