Thursday, July 2, 2009

Freedom Awards Gala

My Dad and Candy took us to the Freedom Awards Gala.

The award recipients were; Neil Holbrook who served as a "Frogman" now known as Navy Seals during World War II.
Mona Heern, who lived in Iran until her father was executed for practicing their Baha'i religion.
Sargent Merlin German, who while serving in the Marine's in Iraq received burns from a roadside bomb, where he received burns over 97% of his body.
President Boyd K. Packer, who earnestly prayed for the opportunity to follow in his brother's footsteps as a pilot in World War II, promising God that in exchange he would dedicate his life to whatever purpose he might require of him.
(Karra, Noreen, Dad, Marri & Jen)
(Greg & Jen, Marri & Dale, Dad & Candy, Allen & Noreen)
(Da Sistas: Marri, Karra, Jen & Noreen)
I don't know WHERE she get's it from
(Rachael & Jen)
When the sisters get together we get a little silly
(Marri & Rachael v. Jen & Adrienne)

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