Saturday, November 21, 2009

Elivate Triathlon

Mark (my boss) challenged me to a triathlon last minute yesterday. I haven't been in the water or on a bike for about a half a year, but how could I turn down a challenge.

(he beat me)
(he beat me here too)
I hit a wall and almost backed out on the bike
(I had a better run, but it wasn't good enough)
(we both pushed hard and just had to lay there)
Mark through up after the swim and had two bad cramps in his thighs on the run. I just had an attach on the bike and almost stopped. Mark still beat me by 4min, 10 seconds.

Mark: 1:21:23
8th in the Men's division
9th over all

Noreen: 1:25:33
2nd in the Women's division
11th over all
(and yes....there were more then 2 women in my division)