Saturday, November 22, 2008

Would You Rather.....?

A group of us to together and played games till 3:30 in the morning. We stared with a game called "Would You Rather.....?"
It's hilarious!
(Lindsey & Natalie)
Bret & Shauna
Chad's brother and sister-in-law
One of the challenges that Allen got was that he had to have a mustache and glasses drawn on his face and stay like that for the reminder of the game.
(I was laughing so hard I couldn't draw the glasses straight)
The best one of the night was Bret's. He did an interpretive dance of a cat stalking and pouncing on it's pray. Chad was his pray.
Chad was put in a pose and had to hold it for two rounds.
After that game we headed down stairs for some guitar hero.

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