Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tree hunt

2nd Annual tree hunt with the Bushman's
Last year it was sooooo cold, this year Abby was prepared in all of her winter gear.
She's so dang cute!
While we stand in line to get our tag we eat breakfast, drink cocoa, and play around a lot!
(Anne Christensen, Bret B, Wyatt B, Allen M, Shauna S.)
One of the games they played this year was "lets see how hard we can flick each other". Poor Anne lost. Check out some of the welts on her neck. It's a good thing she's as tough as nails.
Wyatt's just so cute!
One of the things I love about going is that we always have a great time laughing, just hanging out.
(Bret B. & Marissa S.)
Playing in line
(Wyatt B, Anne C, Emily B, Allen M & Bret B)
After we got our tags, off we went on our tree hunt. The kids and Annette decided to ride in the back of the trailer. Looks like fun but it also looks cold.
(Hayley B, Stephanie S, Abby B, Cutie S, Anne C, Wyatt B, Emily B, and Annette)
We found our tree and I cut it down.
On the way home, the people in our car zonked.
(Abby B & Anne C)
We are so glad that the Bushman's have let us join them in this fun family tradition. They are such great friends.


Kara said...

Your Christmas Tree looks just perfect! I've always wondered what it would be like to cut down our own tree. Looks fun even if a little cold. Guess we will have to move somewhere with pine trees, though, huh?! For sure post a picture of your tree when it's all decorated. It is so fun to see everyone's Christmas Tree.

Don said...

This is a fun one, Reen. Posts like these are why I'm passing on a blog award to you! Come by my blog and see your name in pixels.