Monday, May 25, 2009

While the cat's away the mice will play.....

That's what my mom use to tell me and it looks like it's true. While the Bushman's were out of town a couple of us got bored so we decided to play a little trick on them. Last time they were out of town we replaced most of their family pictures with pictures of us. This time we decided that we would fill their bathtubs and toilets with gold fish. It's amazing how many fish you can get for $5.
(Noreen, Lindsey, Natalie, Allen & Chad)
After we got the fish we took them over and let the family dog (sax) check them out, Lindsey even put them in their bed for a while.
It was so much fun for us. We love when the Bushman's go on long vactions!
(with or without us)

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jarnett said...

That's so amazing! We love you!